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I'm always on the look out for educational toys that are fun and stimulate creativity, so I was pleased with the opportunity to review the Brain Blox Wooden Building Planks from Brain Blox. SJ has always liked building things, as have my other two sons, so he's really been having fun with these.
We received a set of 200 planks made from 100% all-natural, chemical-free New Zealand Pine wood. They are precision-cut, and all the same shape and size. The Building Planks come in sets of 100, 200, or 300.
The set of planks comes with a handy red drawstring backpack. Also included is a pamphlet of building ideas. I think SJ went through and built many of the projects within the first few days after we received the Planks.
The Wooden Planks are suitable for all ages, 4 and up. But toddlers will have fun just stacking the planks then knocking the stack over. I haven't introduced them to the toddler boy I babysit yet, since he still puts a lot of things in his mouth. I just don't want teeth marks on the planks. <grin>
If you go to the Brain Blox website, you will find a variety of resources, such as a Build Ideas ebook; brain puzzles; and Build Ideas videos on their YouTube channel.

One week, we took the Wooden Planks with us to church, for SJ to use as an activity in Sabbath school, which he was leading out that week. The kids were to each roll a die, and then build what SJ had prechosen.

For the first round, M was to build a house. After building such a sturdy foundation, he almost ran out of Planks to finish the house itself.
J ended up needing to build a train. I think the little engine turned out rather cute.

M's house was rather elaborate, and quite a creative structure. I'm not sure I'd want to live in one that shape. Ha!

 For the second round, M had to build a bridge.
For J's second task, she was to build a house. She ran out of time before completing it.

It's really too bad there were only two other young people besides SJ in Sabbath school that day. It would have been fun to see what the rest of the class would've come up with.
Another day, SJ used the Planks to build some things while he was using the headphones we reviewed awhile back.
I know that SJ will enjoy these heirloom-quality Building Planks for years to come. I imagine his brothers might even enjoy them sometime when they are visiting. In a couple years or so, my grandson might even enjoy building things with these Planks.

Brain Blox offers other fun, educational products, such as the Fun Family Chess. In case you didn't see our review earlier this week, go take a look.

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