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A few years ago, SJ became interested in Chess. He was even in Chess club at the homeschool co-op we attended one semester. He hasn't had anyone to play with, because most of the rest of us don't know how to play...I don't know how to play. We were excited for the opportunity for me to learn how to play Chess with Fun Family Chess from Brain Blox.

This Chess set is pretty awesome. The wooden board is hinged, and fastens closed.

The interior is lined with velveteen material. There are two reference cards, on sturdy cardstock, two velveteen drawstring bags containing the Chess pieces, and a white die with pictures of the playing pieces on each side. The king is not pictured; their is a star in its place.

I am thankful for the reference cards! They show you what moves each piece is able to make. So, if your memory is like mine, you don't have to depend on your memory to tell you that the Rook can go in a straight line forward or backward, or side to side; or that the Knight moves in an L-shaped path two spaces one direction and one space, another.

The white "team" always goes first. You roll the die, to see which piece to move. If you can't move the piece, you keep rolling until you can.

Another nice feature is its portability. We were easily able to take it with us on our babysitting days, so we could play a game or two while the toddler napped. Sometimes he woke up before we were finished with our game; then we'd have to keep a very close eye on him, so he wouldn't get ahold of the game pieces...because, yeah, in the mouth would go I'm certain.

Because it's visually oriented, even young children are able to learn how to play Chess. Sometime we might take the game with us, when the sister of the little boy we babysit might be home from school, for a holiday or something. I'm sure she'll be able to learn quickly how to play.

Or sometime I might have SJ take it with him when he goes over to keep my mom company on one of my dad's dialysis days, so Grandma can learn to play, too.
If I can learn how to play Chess, using Fun Family Chess, anyone can! Guess what?! I actually won the first game we played!
Fun Family Chess isn't the only product Brain Blox makes. They also make some awesome building planks, which we were also able to review. Watch for that review this week, as well!

If you go to their YouTube channel, you will find videos for kids or parents who learn better visually:
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