Uncle Lem's Cabin

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To be honest, I didn't begin this month with the intention of sharing my poems, at least not as many as I have! But people are being responsive, so I keep sharing. Perhaps I'll share more of them in the weeks and months to come.

This poem is set in the Smoky Mountains National Park. We made frequent trips there during my childhood, and it's still one of my favorite locations.

Uncle Lem’s Cabin

   We entered the clearing

One crisp October morning.

    Frost was sprinkled over ground and beehives,

Smoke rose mistily from the chimney

   Water dripped steadily from the old pump,

An old tumbled shack caught

    The early morning rays of the sun,

The trees on the distant mountain

    Were more glorified by the rising sun.

The trees reflected many colors–

    Red, yellow, orange and green.

So glorious God’s many wonders are.

Wendy Kaye

                               October 19, 1978

I wrote this fall of my sophomore year in high school.


  1. I started a short story after my trip to the Smokey Mountains last summer. I'm sort of still working on it. I'm hoping to make the trip again this summer (it is a to a nature camp for adults) and perhaps get a little more inspiration to finish the story.

    1. That sounds awesome! Is the name of the camp Tremont, by any chance?


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