(The) "W" in the Sky

#AtoZChallenge 2024 letter W 
Here's another one of my favorite poems I've written. This one was written my junior year in high school.

The “W” in the Sky

How small and insignificant I feel;

I really don’t know why I’m here,

Nor why I should be;

No one really seems to care.

But, oh, my friend, that’s not true.

Look up in the stars--

What do you see?

Why, Lord, so many stars--

But I don’t understand…

Oh, now I see!

It’s...it’s a “W”--

But what does it mean?

Wendy, you are important in My sight,

Don’t you see?

I died for you on Calvary--

It was for you that I died.

Your sins are washed away,

And there’s a home for you in heaven

If you will only accept.

Oh, yes, Jesus--I accept!

But, Master, why me?

I was cruel enough to kill You,

My sins are washed away, yes,

But what can I do in return

For all You’ve done for me?

My child, listen…

All you must do is accept My gift,

Share it with others,

Live your life right--I’ll help!

You have many talents--

I know, I gave them to you…

Take, for instance, the one you’re using now--

Poetry, it’s another of My gifts. 

If you’ll use it right,

You could win souls, maybe.

Look, I give you words to describe

Some of the majestic splendor I show you.

Yes, my Lord, I thank You. 

But sometimes the words just don’t come--

Then others they just build up

Until I feel as if I’ll explode.

I also thank You for the privilege

That I can talk to You.

Please help me to continue growing in You.

Thank You, also, for all my wonderful friends.

I know You do love me--

And I’ll always think of the “W” in the sky!

Wendy Kaye

                                         (October 14, 1979)

I posted another "W" poem over on one of my other blogs today, Granmumsy's Musings.


  1. God gives us gifts to bless others.

  2. You must be really organized to find all these great poems to fit the letter. I've been trying to find a children's book I wrote in 7th grade and I just can't find it.


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