Springtime Poems

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Today I'll share a couple poems, one written during the spring of my high school freshman year, the other during the spring of my sophomore year.


     The grass is bright green,

    The trees are growing leaves,

   Birds sing their cheerful choruses,

From before dawn, till after dusk,

   The flowers show their pretty faces,

     The clouds play gentle games of tag,

        The baby bunnies wiggle their whiskers,

      And fawns look about them with

    Wondering, curious eyes,

   Chicks pop forth from their shells,

While baby ducks learn how to swim,

  There are new horses, sheep and cows,

     While bears finally wake from a winter’s nap,

       Children get spring “fever”

          And maybe some adults do, too.

Thank You, Father,  for spring, and all other

                        Seasons, too!

Wendy Kaye

                                        March 24, 1978

  Spring Flowers

Flowers, like some people,

Give pleasure just by being,

Growing over fields now

Are noticed just by seeing.

Spring enflowers pastures

With cheerful little flowers

Covered by the dew and

Are thriving after showers.

Wendy Kaye

                    April 9,1979

(written for an English assignment)

I hope you're enjoying a wonderful, Spring day today!


  1. It feels a little more like winter today so your poem was a bright spot.

    1. Aw, I'm sorry it's still winterish for you. It's beginning to feel more like summer here! So I'd kind of like to head North for a few months!! LOL


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