#AtoZChallenge 2024 letter R 
I never expected I'd be sharing so many of my poems on the blog this month, but here is yet another one.


A tiny little pond, so very plain it is, 

Reflects a glorious sunset, and all its colors;

The fluffy orange clouds, changing to gray, 

Set against a pale blue sky

Made doubly splendid by the pond.

A wet, mopped floor of a patient’s room

Reflects the scene thru the window;

Tall, Autumn-clad trees reaching up

To a clear, cloud-studded blue sky

Seen more plainly in both floor and sky.

A happy, smiling face of sunshine

Reflects the love of the Master;

Just a lowly human, so very unworthy,

But having received pardon and peace

Made plain to all who come in contact with Him.

Wendy Kaye

                                    (October 9, 1979)


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