Life's Too Short

#AtoZChallenge 2024 letter L 
Today is another poem I wrote, during my teen years.

Life’s Too Short

   The years fly by
Childhood is gone too soon,
   Baby hood years do fly,
When “the cow jumped over the moon.”

   The eagerness of school
Fades as one grows;
   The child is no longer such a jewel,
And in the garden of life, sows.
   The first milestone arrives–
Graduation from elementary days
   Excitement drives
In so many ways.
   Off to academy, go,
The first days from home
   We all very well know
Sort of make us sick for home.

   Then come college days,
Pretty well nearly grown;
   The child has developed ways
That are pretty well known.

   Only memories link the past
With the immediate present,
   The days go too fast–
The few days God has lent.

   May each one do his best
With his few moments here;
   The event coming next–
The coming of the Lord–is near.
                       Wendy Kaye
                        February 5, 1979


  1. Oh wow! I can't believe you wrote that as a teen - amazing job!

    1. Thank you. I've been typing up all my poems. Some of them make me cringe, but others make me think, "Hey! not too bad!" LOL

  2. A flower that blooms then quickly fades...


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