It's Still Sunny

#AtoZChallenge 2024 letter I 

Today I will share a poem I wrote decades ago. As a word of "caution:" I was just a teenager when I wrote it! 😉

  It’s Still Sunny

   The days was gray and misty,

The trees were mysterious shadows;

   And the sun could not be seen.

Even though it was drab and rainy

   The brilliant flowers still bloomed

And the people, under their colorful bubbles,

   Still wore smiling faces.

The rain pattered on the ground

   And bubbled on the mud puddles

Making a tiny little splash when it hit.

   The yellow-green of the budding trees

Showed more distinctly and quite brightly.

   Even though the day was dingy,

We could still smile, and make it sunshiney

   Because God is the true “Light of the world.”

Wendy Kaye

                                               April 12, 1979


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    1. Thank you. I've been typing up all of my poems. Some of them make me cringe, while others make me think: "Hey! not to bad!" LOL


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