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***I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.***
Because literature has always been the mainstay of our homeschooling journey, YWAM Publishing has long been a favorite vendor. We always look forward to reading one of their biographies from the Heroes of History series. This time when given the choice, SJ chose Abraham Lincoln: A New Birth of Freedom

These biographies are available in paperback, e-book, or audiobook. Each biography has a study guide available as either a digital downloadable file or a physical copy. These books and study guides are designed for ages 10 and up. They're suitable as read-alone biographies, family read-alouds, supplements to integrate into your curriculum, or stand-alone history curriculum.

Abraham Lincoln is a 218-page paperback divided into 19 chapters, covering Lincoln's life from about age 7 through his assassination. We learn about the Lincoln family's move from Kentucky to Indiana to Illinois, and eventually to the White House.
I find it fascinating how Abe taught himself about surveying, law, and military strategies by borrowing and reading books on each of these topics. I would hope that would inspire any young person who reads this book to work hard to study for themselves. I've always tried to inspire a love of life long learning in my children; that has been one of my goals in our homeschool.

Throughout the biography are quotes from some of Lincoln's speeches, such as his first inaugural address, the Gettysburg address, and his second inaugural address. 

The chapters leading up to and including the Civil War impressed upon my mind just how similar some of the current events in our day are to the political atmosphere then. It makes me wonder: what have we learned?
My intention was to read Abraham Lincoln aloud to SJ, but our schedules just didn't mesh. So I ended up reading it myself, often while waiting for my parents while they had doctors' appointments. I certainly hope SJ will eventually read it himself.

We didn't use the study guide this time. The study guide is full of in-depth information and activities, and is quite useful for learning more about Abraham Lincoln (or any of the other historical figures). In the study guide you will find: key quote, ideas for a display corner, comprehension questions for each chapter, student exploration, community links, social studies, related themes to explore, suggestions for a culminating event, and an appendix for book and resource suggestions, and another appendix containing the answers to the chapter questions. There are also pages to print: a fact sheet about Lincoln, a blackline map of the eastern United States, an outline map of Illinois, and a timeline.

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