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***I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.***

Dare I admit that I never memorized my multiplication facts? Thus I never required it of my kids, either. Does that earn me the "bad homeschool mom" award? Sad to say, my youngest, who has always preferred math over any other subject, still struggles a bit with his multiplication facts. I was thankful for the opportunity to check out Accelerated Individualized Mastery (AIM) for Multiplication with a Bridge to Division, from Math-U-See, Inc.

One of my favorite aspects of Math-U-See is that it's hands-on, and uses manipulatives. Manipulatives have always been the best tool for my youngest son, the one I am still homeschooling...for a little while longer, anyway. The MUS AIM for Multiplication is designed for students 10 and up, who may be struggling with learning their multiplication facts.

The AIM for Multiplication set includes everything you need to effectively help your student achieve multiplication fact mastery through the tens facts. The set consists of physical and online resources.
  • Resource guide
  • Integer blocks
  • Fact check cards
  • Math facts strategy posters
  • Digital access card

The digital pack contains all of the online and downloadable resources that you need for the the AIM program: lessons, solutions, activities, resources and assessments. Because this is a mastery program, it is important to complete the lessons in the order presented. And one of the beautiful things about this program, you will go at your student's pace!

Each lesson is divided into four sessions. Sessions A and B are the Build, Write, Say Method, which use the manipulatives to go over back multiplication facts. Session C begins to fade out the manipulatives. And Session D checks for mastery. Each session should last only about 15 minutes. There are also suggested activities, which would be beneficial for your student to complete.
Sometimes even 15 minutes is a challenge for SJ to find, to work through this program. We certainly didn't have as much time as I'd hoped we would. For one, I had to be out of town for 2 weeks during this review period, so I wasn't able to supervise him as closely as I should with his schoolwork.

If you have a student (age 10+) who is struggling with multiplication facts mastery, this would be an excellent resource.

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