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Even though SJ is a high schooler, he still struggles with reading, due to his learning disabilities. This means I still try to find programs that might help him improve in his reading skills. We have been working through Failure Free Reading Home Edition the past few weeks.
It is simple to set up. Log in, set up a profile for each of your children who will be using it (they can log in with or without a picture). Then you will want to access the assessment (via the diagnose tab). I didn't pay attention to how long it took SJ to work through the assessment.

There are three interrelated online interventions: Joseph's Readers, Verbal Master, and Life Skills. SJ was placed in the Teal level of Joseph's Readers.
When SJ clicks on the "instruct" tab, it opens up the "launch lesson" window. The screen shows what lesson he is on, as well as showing the downloadable resources. One of those sources is the digital illustrated reader. One is the pdf of the teacher's manual, and the third file is the independent activities pdf. 
The illustrated reader is a digital book, with pages that flip, like any electronic book. The lessons are built around the information shared in the book.
One feature that is handy is the video that shows and tells what will be covered in the upcoming lesson, and mentions what vocabulary words will be covered.
The lessons are available with closed captioning, or with ASL, or both, if your student is hard of hearing. You also have the option of not using CC or ASL. I think this would be a good way also to learn sign language, even if that is not the original intent of the program.
After your student has gone through the lesson, he or she is given instructions to close the window and inform the instructor, and receive further instructions...mainly, just "check in with your teacher." <grin> Then when that window is closed, the only option left is to log out. Each lesson doesn't take much more than 20 minutes.
I really wanted this program to work for SJ, but his receptive-expressive language disorder just really got in the way. While he may have done fine with the reading portion (and I don't really know for sure how much he actually retained), the writing portion just really bogged him down. Typically when there is writing he needs to do for school, I have him dictate to me, and I type for him. But sometimes things are so jumbled in his mind, he just can't express what he wishes to say.
Multiple choice questions, or even true or false, are easier for him to cope with than essay-type responses, or even trying to compose a one or two sentence response. The activity pages that can be printed off work to fulfill that need for him.

Since we do have six-month access to the program, we can manage to work more time in around his work schedule.

Failure Free Reading is perfect for students who don't easily understand phonics. If your student struggles with this, be sure to check out Failure Free Reading.

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