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Welcome to a new year of reviews on the Homeschool Review Crew! Yes, we're back! To begin our year of reviews, I am pleased to share with you again. Over the past several years, while we've been on the Crew, has expanded tremendously.

We received the Ultimate PreK-12 Annual Membership, which contains so many benefits and resources, it can seem quite overwhelming. I am thankful for the well-marked navigation bar near the top, which makes navigating the website so simple and easy.
One thing that is new since the last time we were on the Review Crew, and had access to Schoolhouse Teachers is the addition of Curriculum Boxes for each grade. Since SJ is in 11th grade (for record keeping purposes) this year, we particularly explored the 11th grade curriculum box.
The curriculum boxes include the core subjects: Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social studies, as well as suggested electives.

When you click on each of the subjects as depicted in the screenshot below, another window pops up, listing the suggested course. So, math is trigonometry and statistics for eleventh grade. Science gives you the choice of Friendly Chemistry or Advanced Chemistry. 
You can search resources by grade, if you wish for a wider variety of choices. You will find suggestions for the core subjects, of course, but a wider variety of suggestions for electives and other extras, including unit studies.
I had SJ look through the electives, to choose ones he'd be interested in working on. A couple of the ones he chose are High school Home Economics, and learning to play the recorder (which we plan to learn together!).  
He also did some exploring in the Career Center. "There are many skills that can be learned in high school that will help prepare you to fulfill the unique calling God has placed on your life. We’ve pulled a few careers and key courses together on this page as a quick reference guide to help you get started, but the options and opportunities are endless."
You can also search for resources by subject: Core, Socials Studies, Arts, and Electives.
There are seasonal resources, as well. Since this review took place during the Christmas holiday season, I did look for some resources and activities in the Christmas Corner.
You can find streaming videos, both under the Streaming Videos tab, but also within the subjects, or in this case, under Christmas Corner.
I babysit for one of the young moms from our church. The little boy I babysit is two years old, nearly three. His sister is in first grade this year, and is homeschooled by the children's grandmother. But because this was Christmas break, I had her as well. So, I found some Christmas activities and videos for them to work on.
Usually, she watched a video while little brother was napping. One video she watched was The Candy Maker's Christmas, found in the Christmas resources.
I also printed off some coloring pages for the kids to work on. Well, the two-year-old does color like a 2 year old. <grin>
Membership can be paid monthly, quarterly, or annually. Now until the end of January, there is a discount on the membership. One great thing is, it's one price for the whole family, which is a wonderful bargain if you have several children. 
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