Reading Challenges for 2021

Frequently in the past, I have attempted joining various reading challenges at the beginning of the year. Sometimes I am successful; usually not. {sigh} Considering I passed my reading challenge goal for the Goodreads Reading Challenge last year, I thought I'd give it a go at other reading challenges this year. Here's hoping!

Sarah, over at Belle's Library, has quite a list of challenges, most of which I plan to join.

The Victorian Reading Challenge: read any book published during or about the Victorian era (1837-1901)
The Children's Book Reading Challenge...for Adults!: This one is a good one for me, since I read a lot of books to the little boy I babysit. Plus, I am a lover of children's literature, and used it all through my children's homeschooling years.
Here's another Victorian Reading Challenge: read a minimum of four books. A monthly theme is also offered.
This Georgian (Regency) Reading Challenge looks quite doable. 
                                       J. Howard Miller 1918-2004, artwork details on wikimedia commons
This World War II challenge was probably made just for me! {grin} Some of my favorite Christian authors write about this topic.
I'll attempt this Back to the Classics Challenge. Check out the requirements for this one.
The Historical Fiction Reading Challenge offers different levels by choosing the number of books you read. I think I will aim for the Renaissance Reader level.
There's also The Brighter Winter Reading Program at Daughters of Promise. This one is just for the months of January and February, so if you don't think you want to try a full year challenge, this sounds perfect!

There is also the 2021 Christian Reading Challenge. This challenge has for levels in the amount of books you choose to read. 

Finally, I have a few blogging friends who are participating in a monthly book club. We started a couple months or so ago, and I have yet to participate. Oops!! I'll post more about that later.

So, are there reading challenges you are participating in, which I haven't shared here already? Please share in the comments below.

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  1. wow.... that's alot of challenges to take part in. have fun! :)


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