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Do you have a child with motor delays, balance or coordination issues? Or with developmental issues, sensory or auditory processing disorders? Or who is on the autism spectrum, or has ADD or ADHD? Or do you know an adult with balance or coordination issues?
A few years ago we received Forbrain from Sound for Life Ltd, so we were excited to try their new Soundsory headset. Soundsory offers a music and movement program for the mind and body.
Soundsory uses a multi-sensory approach, combining sound with movement to stimulate the auditory and vestibular systems simultaneously.

The headset is preloaded with rhythmical music which is processed with a dynamic filter system and is delivered through high quality air and bone conduction speakers. The headphones deliver the bone conduction through a transducer in the band that sits on top of the skull.

The program consists of 40 days of 30 minute sessions. Each session has you listening to 25 minutes of the rhythmic music, while doing something creative, followed by 5 minutes of body movement exercises, which are provided via video on the Soundsory website. This method will help the brain develop new connections, known as neuroplasticity.

It is strongly recommended to use the headset while doing something creative, such as drawing or painting, dancing, working on jigsaw puzzles, or building with Legos. Don't wear them while chewing, or driving if you're an adult, or during screen time.

While SJ has never been officially diagnosed with anything like autism, he was/is developmentally delayed. Also, I was told in the past that he has sensory integration disorder, and expressive receptive language disorder. I thought Soundsory would help with his concentration, and perhaps improve is reading comprehension.

I had SJ wear the headset while he did such things as create with his Legos...
Build with the building planks...
And, hey, I even had him pull weeds while wearing the headphones.
I've even had him use it sometimes, when he's outside just pacing around the driveway.

I'll have to admit, I don't think he did the body movement exercises at the end of every session, and we haven't completed the 40-day cycle just yet. (Life threw some curve balls at us; one being, my spending a weekend in the hospital; and another, my beginning a babysitting job in which I am gone from the house two long days a week. Sometimes I bring SJ with me; sometimes he goes and sits with Grandma while Grandpa is gone to dialysis.)

This fall perhaps I'll have my mom try a 40-day session, to see if it might help with her balance issues, and maybe even her memory issues.

I think this is an exciting, useful device for anyone who needs or wants to help his/her brain to form new neural pathways and connections. There is a wealth of information about how the system works, and the scientific research, etc., on the Soundsory website; just click the "learn more" tab there.

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