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Have you or one of your children an interest in learning to draw? Have you been searching for a homeschool art curriculum? Then you will want to check out the Drawing Program from Creating a Masterpiece.

We received a one-year subscription to this online art curriculum. This curriculum contains lessons from beginning drawing through level three. Each level consists of 6-8 lessons, in pencil drawing, charcoal, or colored pencils.
Each lesson by master artist, Sharon Hofer, is broken into several short videos, of about 5-10 minutes long, giving thorough yet simple instruction. There is also a list of supplies necessary for each lesson. The lessons are suitable for ages about 5 or 6 and up.

Because this is online, I could transport the lessons with me anywhere I needed to. I worked on most of the lessons on my desktop, which is old...and would frequently rebuffer while watching the videos. Sometimes I would take my daughter's laptop with me while I went to babysit, so I could work on one of the lessons there.
The very first project was this giraffe, done in a cartoon style. It was fun to do! It was done in pencil, on smooth drawing paper. While I was working on it, I thought of one of my online friends who lives in Australia, and loves giraffes. Perhaps I'll draw another one to send to her at Christmas time.
This second project is a scenery also done in pencil. It was a little more challenging, and I think I could practice at it more to get it to turn out the way I'd like it to. In this one, we learned some about shading.
This baby elephant is done in charcoal and pencil, on smooth vellum. We learned more about shading, as well as various techniques with charcoal. Maybe after practicing a few more times, I will come up with one that would be good enough to give to my daughter-in-law, perhaps for Christmas, mounted and framed.

While I fully intended for my 17 year old son to use this, and perhaps even my 26 year old daughter, in reality, I am the only one working through this lessons myself, so far. Since we have a one year subscription, I still have hopes of persuading my offspring to work through at least a few of the lessons. I honestly believe they'd have fun, if they would ever try it.

I'll admit, I prefer doing my pictures in words or photos, but I am having fun learning to draw better with these lessons.

Creating a Masterpiece also offers online core lessons, beginner through level five; styles of art in history; historically themed projects; and a capstone project. When I was working on my degree in graphic art, I'll admit one of my favorite classes was art history. I've tried to include some art history over the years in our homeschool.

To give you an idea of Sharon Hofer's style of instructing, you could check out the free sample project in pastel. And to see even more samples of the various projects from the drawing program, check out the rest of the Crew members' reviews. Simply click the banner below.

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