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When it comes to nature study, do you just wing it? Or do you want to choose topics of study? Personally, I'm more of a "just wing it" type person...well, for some things. And in reality, I've probably become more of a "wing it" person. Deep inside, I think I'm still a "plan it all out" person. <sheepish grin>

So, if you are a "plan it all out," what topics are there for nature study?

Well, you could look at Barb McCoy's website: Handbook of Nature Study: Home of the Outdoor Hour Challenge. You'll find many ideas and much inspiration there. You could also use Anna Botsford Comstock's Handbook of Nature Study, which is already neatly organized by topic.

Typically you'll be studying the local flora and fauna. You could focus on the flowers. Or the birds. Or the reptiles and amphibians. Or insects. Stream/river/pond life.
This little pond is less than a quarter mile from our house. Last March we discovered a young alligator living in it.
The young family for whom I babysit recently had a butterfly growing kit in their home. It was really quite fun to watch the butterflies emerge from their cocoons. I know the children enjoyed it.
There are kits to raise frogs. Or ant farms. Terrariums. Aquariums. You can learn a lot in your flower or vegetable garden. Frankly, the possibilities are endless.

I know that Charlotte Mason suggested to take at least a weekly nature walk, no matter the weather. You could suggest: on this walk, we'll be looking for wildflowers; or seeds; or leaves; etc. Create a scavenger hunt list.

Or just wing it. Let your child decide what he or she wants to find, capture, and research.

Okay, may I make a confession? I have always wanted to incorporate the nature walk and nature study time into our homeschool/family life; but it never has been a part of the schedule/routine! <gasp> But my children to have an enjoyment of nature, maybe even a deep love and appreciation of nature. But we don't have any nature journals, any of us. That makes me sad sometimes.

I hope this series is encouraging to at least one family! Preferably many more than that. I hope to today has given you some ideas of topics, if you want to be that organized. <grin>

Please be sure to read the rest of the Homeschool Review Crew teams' posts for the 5 Days of Homeschooling... posts. And come back for one more nature study post tomorrow.

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