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Let's look at a few resources or tools for nature study.

One popular resource is Barb McCoy's website: Handbook of Nature Study: Home of the Outdoor Hour Challenge. You can also sign up for her email newsletter.

Another resource that's popular among homeschoolers is Anna Botsford Comstock's Handbook of Nature Study. This is a thick book. It can be purchased as a physical book, or as an e-book, divided in sections, through Yesterday's Classics.
Field guides are important for nature study. You can field books to help you identify birds, trees, flowers, butterflies, insects, reptiles and amphibians, anything relating to flora and fauna.

Other useful tools are: binoculars, flower press, a Discovery Scope, a nature journal, magnifying glass, bug cages and collection tubes, butterfly net, and don't forget a microscope.

I have several living books that are great for learning about nature study in an engaging way. One popular book among homeschoolers is, of course, Karen Andreola's Pocketful of Pinecones. (There is a sequel, Lessons at Blackberry Inn.) 

Hours in the Out-of-Doors explains all about nature study in Charlotte Mason's own words. This and Karen Andreola's books mentioned about can be purchased at Simply Charlotte Mason.
James Herriot's Treasury for Children and Beatrix Potter's stories are all great living books which gently cover nature study.
One of my favorite naturalist authors is Sam Campbell. I was delighted when I discovered this Woodland Portraits, which I purchased used through eBay or Amazon (I don't remember now). The illustrations are delightful, and Sam Campbell's writing is descriptive.
My mom read Sam Campbell's books aloud on our drives to and from school way back in my early elementary years. (When I was in grades 2-5, my parents taught in a two-teacher church school in southeast North Carolina.)
There are many other resources and tools available, I am certain. Can you think of any others? Please share in the comments; I'd like to hear your ideas.

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