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Every homeschooling family, or at least most of the ones I know, use books...lots and lots of books. One of our favorite resources for obtaining books is Library and Educational Services LLC, where we can get great quality books at wholesale prices. Seriously, their items are 30%-70% off!

For this review, we were able to choose a book from the "Who Was...?" or "What Was...?" series; a CD from the "Lifehouse Theater On-The-Air" dramatized audio adventures; and around $60 worth of books from their Reinforced Hardcover Library Binding Nonfiction books.

We chose What Was the Vietnam War? for our selection. The Vietnam War took place during my early-childhood years, so I have faint memories but never any real understanding of what it was all about. This book, written at a middle school level, gives some of the details of the what and why of the war. I especially like the timeline at the back of the book. The book is illustrated throughout with black and white sketches, with a section of photographs included as well.

I think this series of books may be a good match for my struggling reader, who should be able to easily read these on his own, and are yet still packed with detailed information.
In case I haven't said it before: two of our favorite resources around here are audiobooks and dramatized audios (oh, yeah; along with DVDs as well). It was fun to have this introduction to the Lifehouse Theater series. I don't remember hearing about them before.

SJ's choice was The Misadventures of Tom Sawyer, based on Mark Twain's classic novel, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. We enjoyed this charming, entertaining, and even humorous, dramatization of Tom Sawyer's childhood adventures. SJ and I listened to it while we were preparing the house for the arrival of my brother and his family and Danno. It certainly made the work go more pleasantly!
The Reinforced Hardcover Library Binding Nonfiction books offer such a large variety, it was almost overwhelming to choose only $60-ish worth of books!

At least the collection is easy to navigate, because you can search by grade level, or by category:
Social Studies

I went ahead and searched by grade level, tenth grade in our case. I also checked out the other high school levels, and found that grades ten, eleven and twelve offered the same selection. Ninth was slightly different.

Since we've been studying the Reformation the past few months, I chose The Reformation from the Events and Outcomes series. This book is divided into three parts: Setting the Scene, which includes calls for change, protesting personalities, religion and politics; Reformed Religion, which includes new ways to worship and godly people?; The Legacy, covering Christian Europe divided, trouble and strife, now vs. then. It's full of detailed information and colorful illustrations and photographs.
SJ chose the Dangerous Jobs set of books, which includes books about bomb squads, the U.S. military, and search and rescue. They are fully illustrated, and are probably written at a middle school level. Should my heart be trembling a little that he may be considering one of these career paths?!
We chose Your Career in the Air Force, probably under the influence that my dear Danno is considering enlisting in the Air Force. I did notice that while he was here last month, he did at least glance through this book. This is one of five in The Call of Duty: Careers in the Armed Forces series.
Finally, we chose the World War II: Essential Histories set of 6. When my mom saw this set, her comment was: "After he reads through all of those, he will know all about World War II, won't he?" Yes, yes he will! These fully illustrated, detail-packed books will cover a lot of information! Each book covers a different "theater" of the war: Europe, the Mediterranean, the Eastern Front, Northwest Europe, the Pacific, and the War at Sea.
Library and Ed Services offers so much more than "just" books. They also offer Christian fiction, non-fiction for adults, CDs and DVDs, Bibles, crafts, hobbies, and games. I know they offer the Your Story Hour CDs, Drive Through History DVDs, Adventures in Odyssey, coloring books, journaling Bibles, a Bible Dominoes game, and the game of Dutch Blitz.
For a limited time, the "Who Was...?", "What Was...?" books are on sale. If I had younger children, I'd probably pick up several of these right now. Go check them out for yourself.

A few years back, we reviewed a series of science DVDs through Library and Educational Services LCC. That review is over on the old blog, if you'd like to read it.

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  1. This looks like a great selection. I love that the Who Was series also has events and places for children to read about.


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