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When you find a math program that works for both yourself, the homeschool parent, and your student, you tend to want to stick with it! My son enjoys the lessons in CTCMath's full math curriculum, and I am pleased that he can access all grade levels with the 12-month Family Membership.
CTCMath is an online full math curriculum for grades K-12. It was created by a former high school math teacher, homeschool dad, in Australia. (Yeah, so we love the Aussie accent <grin>). The program uses brief (about 3-9 minutes) video instruction, interactive questions, worksheets and solutions, and reports.

You, as the parent, will first log in, then create student accounts for each of your children. You can create tasks for each of them. In our case, I just chose the grade level I wanted SJ to work through.
A new feature CTCMath has added since our last review is the Question Bank Wizard. You can use this to generate worksheets yourself, to give your child further practice in topics in which he or she may be struggling. It's easy to control and adjust the duration and difficulty of the question set. Then you can add it as a task.

On the parent dashboard, you can view weekly reports, awards your student has earned, and your child's activity, which includes when he signed in, videos viewed, percent earned on worksheets, etc. This makes it easy to keep track of your student's activities and reports. You can also choose to have these reports sent directly to your email inbox.
The student settings page allows your student to choose his or her own color theme. It also shows your student's pass mark (the percentage he must reach before moving on to the next lesson), email, and reports.

To work on a lesson, SJ goes to the "lessons" tab, chooses grade level, which part, then the lesson stream.  
Student view from parent dashboard
After he chooses the lesson stream, he comes to the list of lessons. There, he will simply work his way down the list. He actually will work on each lesson until he at least passes. A lot of the time, he will work at it until he makes 100%.
First he will view the instructional video (numerous times, if necessary).
Then he will work through the interactive questions.
If needed, we'll print off the accompanying worksheet for him to work through.
SJ still likes using this program, and we have plans for him to continue using it through the rest of his homeschooling years, in addition to any core math we plan to have him use over the next three years. True, this could be his core math, even for high school, but we want to take accounting/bookkeeping, and consumer math.

In CTCMath, he is still working at the pre-algebra level. I'd like to see him at least get through the Algebra I level here. That is one of the things I like about CTCMath: it's self-paced. And self-instructional, meaning I don't have to try teaching him math (remember: my most challenging subject to teach!).

We have reviewed CTCMath a couple times in the past. The first time was the 12-month Family Membership (which included both SJ and Danno), then a couple years ago it was the single student membership, since only SJ was available for that review. Currently we have membership available nearly the rest of the way through SJ's high school years!

If you want to check it out for yourself, they do offer a free trial! Give it a go!

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