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We always enjoy good books around here, so we were pleased with the opportunity to receive a copy of Britfield & the Lost Crown, by C.R. Stewart. This is the first book in a series of five adventure novels for middle school/teen readers.

Author C.R. Stewart is an experienced writer of fiction, non-fiction, and screenplays, and is founder of Devonfield, which is a company dedicated to high quality film production, publishing, and education.
Britfield & the Lost Crown is available in softcover or hardcover physical book, ebook available from Amazon, or audiobook through Audible. We received the audiobook, which is about 9 1/2 hours of listening, because we thoroughly enjoy listening to books (since SJ is still struggles with reading). The book is read with a British accent, which makes the story feel more authentic.
Britfield & the Lost Crown is set in England, where we follow the adventures of two preteens, best friends Tom and Sarah, who are orphans at Weatherly, an oppressive orphanage in Yorkshire. When Tom finds out his parents may be alive after all, he sets in motion plans to escape the orphanage...but he can't leave without Sarah.

We follow them all across England, from Yorkshire, to Oxford University, Windsor Castle, London, Canterbury, by hot air balloon, nonetheless! They are chased by Detective Gowerstone, the police force, and a man named Coldwell.

They meet Professor Hainsworth, who helps them with their escape, and who knows another professor with vital information about Tom's past.  During their escape, they jump out of windows, crash land the hot air balloon, and Sarah nearly drowns.

The story is suspenseful, and keeps you at the edge of your seat. The writing is descriptive, making it possible to visualize the English countryside as you sail overhead in a hot air balloon.

There is an 8 week, 83 page study guide available on the website, which can be used in the classroom or homeschool. This study guide provides activities for each chapter from the book, such as vocabulary, comprehension questions, going deeper, and learn more with technology. There are crossword puzzles, fill in the blanks, and word searches. You will learn about British history, the British monarchy, and some of the geography of England. 

The website is also full of photos and information about the various locations visited in the book, as well as other teacher resources. You will want to check that out!

I found the story captivating, exciting, and suspenseful. I tried listening as I was falling asleep, but found I didn't want to miss any of it, so ended up just sitting and listening to the rest of the story (while playing Township on my daughter's laptop) one afternoon.

SJ has been listening at a slower pace. So far, his favorite part is how Tom and Sarah escaped through a tunnel, and the hot air balloon. He's already looking forward to the next novel in the series.

I think the next time we listen through, we'll use the study guide as well, so we can learn more about England.

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