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Do you have a child who's interested in learning to play the piano? Or perhaps you want to learn, yourself. Simply Music will quickly help you learn! We were provided the opportunity to use and review the online subscription for their Music & Creativity - Foundation Course, which they offer free of charge on their website.
Neil Moore, the Founder of Simply Music, has spent the past 25 years developing a unique teaching methodology. This method draws on and nurtures the natural sense of music we all possess, by immersing students in the actual process of playing.

"Educators who seriously explore this program, are not only attracted to the impact that it has on more typical learners, but also the inroads it makes, and the impact that this method has on those with ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Tourette syndrome, PTSD, brain trauma, autism as well as others dealing with the daily complications of learning differences."

Mr. Moore also provides his work to addiction and rehabilitation clinics, PTSD clinics, youth-at-risk organizations, orphanages, penal institutions etc., as well as communities in developing nations.

What we received

As I said above, we received an online subscription of the Foundation course. This consists of online video instruction, downloadable sound tracks, and three pdf documents.
There are 19 lessons total, which you can work through at your own pace, beginning with basics, such has how to hold your hands, the names of the white keys on the keyboard/piano, etc. As early as lesson three, you will be playing complete songs.

Mr. Moore is an animated instructor, thorough in his explanation, and demonstrates his instructions well. The camera angles show his hands clearly at the keyboard, so you are able to follow along at your own keyboard, or on the "practice pad," which is one of the provided pdf documents.
The other pdf documents are the Foundation Reference Book, and Music and the Art of Long-Term Relationships: The Key to Staying Committed. There is also a series of soundtracks to download. They can be burned to a CD if you wish.

How we used it

SJ had begun taking piano lessons in Mississippi shortly before we came back here to Florida, so he has expressed the desire to continue learning. My daughter has also expressed interest in learning to play the piano. So I thought this would be a great opportunity for both of them, and a refresher for me.
So, my intention was for SJ to work on about one lesson a week, from the beginning, to help refresh his memory of hand positioning and reviewing the names of the keys.

The day this review was to begin, my dad drove himself to the hospital, with a blood clot in his leg. While he was in the hospital, the doctor told him either he needs to begin dialysis now or die. So, now he's on dialysis.

While he was in the hospital, my mom had a TIA, and was taken to the hospital by ambulance, but a different one than my dad was in. So I spent the next couple days traveling between two hospitals to visit my parents.

Simply Music was one of those things SJ could work through on his own, without my supervision! That made it handy.

What we thought of it

I like the fact that this program is self-guided, easy to use, and has you quickly playing real songs. I'd like to see SJ continue to work through it, and I hope my daughter will be able to take time to go through it, herself.

Since it's free, go check it out for yourself!

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Learn to Play the Piano with Music & Creativity - Foundation Course {Simply Music Reviews}

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