CrossWired Science {Homeschool Crew Review}

We've been blessed with the opportunity of beta testing a new online science program, called CrossWired Science, over the past few weeks. Currently they have only two Global Topics available, Sound, and Fluid Dynamics, with a couple more coming soon, and more after that.
What did we receive?

We received a one-year subscription of full access to the current Global Topics, as well as the ones coming out within a couple months or so.

Each Global Topic has two "tracks" or levels: First Timers and Second Timers. First Timers would be younger students, or those who are new to CrossWired Science. Second Timers would be for older students, or those who have already done some deep, advanced science. We did choose the First Timers level, even though SJ is in high school. I figured it would be better for him, with his special learning needs.
For the review, SJ chose to work on Sound. There are 8 core videos to watch, along with various activities, such as experiments, worksheets, research topics, field trip suggestions, reading lists, digging deeper, lists of links, and even devotionals.

There is a handy check list at the right hand of the screen, to help your student keep track of what he has done, and what there is still left to cover.

There are both online quizzes, and printable quizzes, all throughout, so it is easy to track your students comprehension as he goes along.
Before I forget, I must mention that this is designed for all grade levels and abilities, grades K-12. Yes, the videos are engaging enough to capture your young student's attention, and I think even deep enough for my older student.

I also want to mention that this present website can be used as a full curriculum for 3 months of science  for any student.  With two more additions coming up, it will be able to be used for an entire year of science.  With the other upcoming additions, it will be good for 6 years of science.

Thus it is safe to say that CrossWired Science works as a stand-alone science curriculum, or you can use it as a supplement to your core science.

How we used it

For the most part, SJ has just been watching the videos and completing the quizzes which follow each video.

Here is a look at one of the Digging Deeper segments. The quick look shows a list of the topics.
There are bite-sized segments of information, and a little box that can pop up in which your student can keep notes.
After reading the information in that section, you can click on an arrow that takes you to a quiz at the bottom of the page; it actually takes you to the questions pertaining to the information your student just read.

The experiment journal note pages are colorful, and chock full of information, which can be used in writing the research paper.
We live about an hour from Lubee Bat Conservancy, which made for a great field trip since SJ has been spending some time learning about bat sonar and bats in general.

What we thought of it

Science is one of my favorite subjects, so I always enjoy checking out different science programs. CrossWired Science seems like a great program, even if it can seem a little overwhelming at first glance. It's like a smorgasbord of science information and activities!

Some aspects of it aren't necessarily a good fit for SJ, because he is a struggling reader and writer, due to his learning challenges. But the videos, online quizzes, and hands-on activities are perfect for him.

I like that this program really, truly can benefit all learning styles. Do check it out.

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