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Do your children enjoy, even thrive, using online learning? I'll admit that SJ does seem to prefer using technology for his schooling. We were pleased for the opportunity to check out IXL Learning, since it's been several years since we last used IXL. One advantage of IXL is that it is personalized and adaptive learning, covering math and language arts for all grades, as well as social studies and science for grades 2-8. Even more, introductory Spanish is now included.

The other time we reviewed IXL was nearly 7 years ago. It was fun to see the changes that have been made since then. Back then IXL covered only math skills, so it was a pleasant surprise to see the other core subjects added on.

We received an annual membership, which gives us complete access to all levels of IXL, which is helpful. So SJ could work on 8th grade social studies, along with Algebra 1 and 9th grade language arts, if he wanted to.
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The home page of IXL will show you how many skills are covered in each subject for each grade. As you can see, it is a comprehensive curriculum. You may choose to have your child take a placement test, to determine where he/she should begin. Frankly, I just told SJ to begin with the 9th grade level skills.
There is a recommendations page of skills based based on what your child has been working on recently. So he/she can click on any skill he/she would like to try. In SJ's case, the recommendations are in math and language arts only.

If it is important to you, IXL's dynamic skills are fully aligned to the common core standards, or to your state's standards.

I scheduled, in our planner, for SJ to work on the IXL math and language arts 3-4 days a week, and Intro Spanish one day a week. While he usually did the language arts and Algebra as scheduled, he was kind of hit and miss on the Spanish. (By the way, the whole site is available in Spanish now, if you're a Spanish-speaking family.)
IXL keeps your child motivated by offering rewards and certificates to earn. The Certificates center keeps track of them for you. The lower levels offer a variety of virtual rewards: stickers, stamps, balloon animals, and more. There are treasure hunts to uncover hidden prizes.
SJ has earned a few, which I save as PDFs on the computer. (My printer is broken down right now, so I can't print them off for him, unfortunately). The more he works on skills in IXL, the more certificates he earns!

SJ likes it, and is happy to continue using it for the remainder of our one year membership. I like that he is learning and mastering skills even while spending time on the computer or his iPad. I receive weekly notifications of how much time he's spent, and what skills he's working on. I also receive email notifications when he's earned new certificates.

If you are looking for an immersive K-12 learning experience that provides comprehensive, standards-aligned content for math, language arts, science, and social studies, then you will definitely want to check into IXL Learning for your family.

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